The Prisoner of His Dreams: Greg von Teig Plays Bruce Springsteen

by Greg von Teig



"Greg is not the biggest Bruce Springsteen fan in the world but he would certainly win some regional championships if it was a sport." -- Wynne Williams

When I was fifteen years old I listened to Born to Run for the first time and it changed my life. Bruce Springsteen has been a driving force in my mind and emotions ever since. I picked up guitar after I was inspired by Peter Aimes Carlin's biography of the Boss. That being the case, I knew I had to express this through this album. The songs do not aim to succeed the originals, but to offer an alternate take that may make you feel like you're hearing an old favorite for the first time again.

To Columbia Records,
I have tried to contact you several times through several different methods of communication to get a mechanical license for this release. I have repeatedly found dead ends and at this point I've run out of ways to find you. If you do find this and need me to pay fees and royalties, I will gladly do so to keep this album available to the public. I am sorry I released this without your permission however I had run out of options. Thank you.


released April 30, 2016

Words and music (mostly) written by Bruce Springsteen
Guitars, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele, and probably another instrument I've forgotten by Greg von Teig
Percussion generated through Hydrogen drum machine
Engineered by Roxxy Teig von Hoffman
Recorded at McGreddy Studios in Boston, MA

Dedicated to Dr Bill Carroll



all rights reserved


Greg von Teig Boston, Massachusetts

Kind of like if Ramshackle Glory collaborated with Bruce Springsteen to cover a Mystik Spiral song from the Lomax archives.

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Track Name: Badlands
Light's out tonight
Trouble in the heartland
Got a head-on collision
Smashin' in my guts, man
I'm caught in a crossfire
I don't understand

But there's one thing I know for sure, girl
I don't give a damn
For the same old played out scenes
I don't give a damn for just the in-betweens
Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul
I want control right now

Talk about a dream, try to make it real
You wake up in the night
With a fear so real
You spend your life waiting
For a moment that just don't come
Don't waste your time waiting

Badlands, you gotta live it everyday
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price you've gotta pay
Keep pushin' till it's understood
These Badlands start treating us good

Workin' in the field
Till you get your back burned
Workin' 'neath the wheels
Till you get your facts learned
Baby, I got my facts
Learned real good right now

Get it straight
Poor man wanna be rich
Rich man wanna be king
And a king ain't satisfied
Till he rules everything
Wanna go out tonight
Wanna find out what I got

I believe in the love that you gave me
I believe in the faith that could save me
I believe in the hope
And I pray that some day
It may raise me above these

Badlands, gotta live it everyday
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price you've gotta pay
Keep pushin' till it's understood
These Badlands start treating us good
Whoa, whoa

For the ones who had a notion
A notion deep inside
That it ain't no sin
To be glad you're alive
Wanna find one face
That ain't looking through me
Wanna find one place
I wanna spit in the face of these

Badlands, you gotta live it everyday
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price you've gotta pay
Keep pushin' till it's understood
These Badlands start treating us good

Whoa, whoa, Badlands
Whoa, whoa, Badlands
Whoa, whoa, Badlands
Whoa, whoa, Badlands
Whoa, whoa
Track Name: Fourth of July from Asbury Park, NJ (Sandy)
The fireworks are hailing of little Eden tonight
Forcing a light on all them stoney faces
Stuck stranded on the fourth of July

Down in the town the circuit's full
With switch blade lovers
So fast, so shiny, so sharp

As the wizards play down on pinball way
On the Boardwalk way past dark

And the boys in the casinos dance with their shirts opne
Like Latin lovers on the shore
Chasing all the silly New York virgins by the score

And Sandy the aura is rising behind us
This pier life's our carnival life forever
Love me tonight for I may never see you again
Hey, Sandy girl!

Now the greasers
They tramp the streets or get busted
For sleeping on the beach all night

And the boys in their high heels
Oh Sandy,
Their skins are so white

And me I just got tired of hanging in them dusty arcades
Banging them pleasure machines
Chasing the factory boys underneath the boardwalk
Where they all promise to unsnap their jeans

Y'know that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag?
I got on it last night and my shirt got caught
But it just kept spinning
Didn't think I'd ever get off

And Sandy, the aura is rising behind us
This pier life's our carnival life on the water
Running and laughing, with the boss's daughter

Not that boss, Sandy!

The angels have lost their desire for us
I spoke with them last night
They said the won't light themselves
On fire for us anymore

But in the summer when the weather gets hot
They drive that crazy road on down from heaven
In their Harleys the come and they go

See 'em dressed like stars
In the cheap little sea shore bars
And parked with their lovers out on the Kokomo

Did you hear the cops finally busted Madam Marie
For telling fortunes better than they do
For me this boardwalk life's through, babe
You oughtta quit this scene, too

And Sandy, the aura is rising behind us
This pier life's our carnival life forever
Love me tonight and I will love you forever
Oh hey, Sandy girl!
Track Name: Night
You get up every morning at the sound of the bell
You get to work late and the boss man's giving you hell
Till you're out on a midnight run
Losing your heart to a beautiful one
And it feels right as you lock up the house
Turn out the lights and step out into the night

And the world is busting at its seams
And you're just a prisoner of your dreams
Holding on for your life 'cause you work all day
To blow 'em away in the night

The rat traps filled with soul crusaders
The circuits lined and jammed with chromed invaders
And she's so pretty that you're lost in the stars
As you jockey your way through the cars
And sit at the light, as it changes to green
With your faith in your machine off you scream into the night

And you're in love with all the wonder it brings
And every muscle in your body sings as the highway ignites
You work nine to five and somehow you survive till the night
Hell all day they're busting you up on the outside
But tonight you're gonna break on through to the inside
And it'll be right, it'll be right, and it'll be tonight

And you know she will be waiting there
And you'll find her somehow you swear
Somewhere tonight you run sad and free
Until all you can see is the night
Track Name: Bobby Jean
Well, I came to your house the other day
Your mother said you went away
She said there was nothing that I could have done
There was nothing nobody could say
Me and you, we've known each other ever since we were sixteen
I wished I could have known
I wished I could have called you
Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean

Now, you hung with me when all the others
Turned away, turned up their nose
We liked the same music, we liked the same bands
We liked the same clothes
We told each other that we were the wildest
The wildest things we'd ever seen
Now I wished you would have told me
I wished I could have talked to you
Just to say goodbye, Bobby Jean

Now, we went walking in the rain, talking
About the pain that from the world we hid
Now there ain't nobody, nowhere, nohow
Gonna ever understand me the way you did
Maybe you'll be out there on that road
Somewhere in some bus or train
Traveling along in some motel room
There'll be a radio playing and you'll hear me sing this song
Well, if you do, you'll know I'm thinking of you
And all the miles in between
And I'm just calling you one last time
Not to change your mind, but just to say I miss you, baby
Good luck, goodbye, Bobby Jean
Track Name: Point Blank
Do you still say your prayers little darling?
Do you go to bed at night
Praying that tomorrow
Everything will be alright

But tomorrows fall in number
In number one by one
You wake up and you're dying
You don't even know what from

Cause they shot you point blank
You been shot in the back
Girl, point blank
You've been fooled, little girl that's a fact
Right between the eyes
Baby, point blank
Right between the pretty lies that they tell

You grew up where girls, they grow up so fast
You took what you were handed left behind what was asked
But what they asked baby it wasn't right
You didn't have to live that life

I was gonna be your Romeo you were gonna be my Juliet
These days you don't wait on Romeos you wait on that welfare check
And all the pretty little things you can't ever have
And all the promises that always end up

Point blank
Right between the eyes
Oh point blank
Like the little white lies you tell to ease the pain
You're walking in the sight,
Girl, of point blank
It's one false move, and baby
The lights go out

Once I dreamed we were together again
Baby, you and me,
Back home in those old clubs
The way we used to be
You were standing at the bar it was hard to hear
The band was playing loud you were shouting something in my ear
You pulled my jacket off and as the drummer counted four
You grabbed my hand pulled me out on the dancing floor

You stood there and held me as you started dancing slow
And as I pulled you tighter I swore I'd never let you go
Well I saw you last night down on the avenue
Your face was in the shadows but I knew that it was you
You were standing in the doorway out in the rain
You didn't answer when I called out your name
You just turned around and you looked away
Just like another stranger waiting to get blown away at

Point blank
Right between the eyes
Oh, point blank
Right between the pretty lies that you fell
You've been shot right through the heart
Yeah, point blank
You've been twisted up until you've become just another part of it

And honey, no one survives
Darling no one survives,
No one survives when they get you
At point blank
They've got you in their sights
Oh point blank
Did you forget how to love, little girl,
Did you forget how to fight
They must've shot you in the head
Cause point blank
Bang Bang
Baby, now you're dead
Track Name: Johnny 99
Well they closed down the office at the Garden just past 10
Greg was looking for tickets but he couldn't find them
He came home more mad than he'd ever been before this time
Got a gun shot a scalper now they call him Johnny 99

Down in the part of town where if you hit a red light you don't stop
Johnny's waving his gun threatening to blow his top
When an off duty cop came up on him from behind
In front of the club Tip Top they snapped the cuffs on Johnny 99

City supplied a public defender
But the judge was mean John Brown
He came into the courtroom
And he stared poor Johnny down
"Well the evidence is clear I'm gonna let the sentence fit the crime
98 and a year we'll call it even Johnny 99"

Fist fight broke out in the courtroom
Had to drag Johnny's girl away
His momma got up and shouted
"Judge don't take my boy this way!"
"Well son is there anything you'd like to say
Before the bailiff comes and forever takes you away?"

"Well judge, judge, I had debts no honest man could pay
The Bank was holding my tickets they were gonna take the Boss away
I ain't saying that makes me an innocent man
But it was more than all this that put that gun in my hand

"Your honor, your honor, I believe I'd be better off dead
So if you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his head
Sit back in that chair, Mr. judge, think it over just one more time
Before you shave off my head and put me on the execution line"
Track Name: Dancing in the Dark
I get up in the evening
And I ain't got nothing to say
I come home in the morning
I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain't nothing but tired
Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help

You can't start a fire
You can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the dark

Message keeps getting clearer
Radio's on and I'm moving 'round the place
I check my look in the mirror
I want to change my clothes, my hair, my face
Man I ain't getting nowhere
I'm just living in a dump like this
Hey there, baby
I could use just a little kiss

You can't start a fire
You can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the dark

You sit around getting older
There's a joke here somewhere and it's on me
I'll shake this world off my shoulders
Come on baby this laugh's on me

Stay on the streets of this town
And they'll be carving you up alright
They say you gotta stay hungry
Hey baby I'm just about starving tonight
I'm dying for some action
I'm sick of sitting 'round here trying to write this book
I need a love reaction
Come on now baby gimme just one look

You can't start a fire
You can't start a fire with a broken heart
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the
You can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the
I'm alright if we're dancing in the
Please, darling, come with me dancing in the dark!
Hey baby
Track Name: Reason to Believe
Seen a man standin' over a dead dog lyin' by the highway in a ditch
He's lookin' down kinda puzzled pokin' that dog with a stick
Got his car door flung open he's standin' out on highway 31
Like if he stood there long enough that dog'd get up and run
Struck me kinda funny seem kinda funny sir to me
Still at the end of every hard day people find some reason to believe

Now Mary Lou loved Johnny with a love mean and true
She said baby I'll work for you everyday and bring my money home to you
One day he up and left her and ever since that
She waits down at the end of that dirt road for young Johnny to come back
Struck me kinda funny funny yea indeed how at the end of every hard earned day you can find some reason to believe

Take a baby to the river Kyle William they called him
Wash the baby in the water take away little Kyle's sin
In a whitewash shotgun shack an old man passes away take the body to the graveyard and over him they pray Lord won't you tell us,
Tell us what does it mean
At the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

Congregation gathers down by the riverside
Preacher stands with his bible, groom stands waitin' for his bride
Congregation gone and the sun sets behind a weepin' willow tree
Groom stands alone and watches the river rush on so effortlessly
Wonderin' where can his baby be still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe